Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Good News: Bible Says Ok To Fight Evil With 'Dishonest' Tactics

I've long been a proponent of fighting fire with fire, because, in addition to military force, deception in the name of good (espionage activity) is what, after all, won World War Two for the Allies.  After all, if the Allies hadn't pulled out all the stops, well, what would the world be like today, then?   And don't forget Ronald Reagan's and Margaret Thatcher's unrelenting, take-no-crap stances against the evil Soviet empire during the Cold War.

This "dishonesty" in service of good is being used again.

Like recently in civilian-activism cases of exposing evil organizations such as the criminal-organization-who-supports-the-Democrats ACORN and the nice-talking-but-deceptively-evil-and-greedy "Planned Parenthood" (itself founded by a Nazi sympathizer, racist and radical socialist, whose extreme ideology has been demonstrated to prevail within the organization even today!).
(...) O’Keefe’s “adaptation of radical tactics” has effectively defunded truly evil organizations to the tune of millions of dollars simply by using words, hidden cameras and basic principles of investigative journalism – opening taxpayers’ eyes to the returns on their investments in the form of federally-funded would-be underage teen brothels and bureaucratic hornets’ nests of clandestine corruption. We would like to know what Eden’s morally superior tactics have achieved on such a scale.


We didn’t want to throw the Good Book at Eden, but since she has resorted to using scripture to support her pious presumptions, we will play her game. Eden harbors the same instincts that compelled Peter to betray Christ upon his arrest. Citing scripture to furnish her moral opposition to O’Keefe’s “lying and deception” as a willingness to “do evil that good may result,” we hereby wonder if certain biblical heroes who employed subterfuge for purposes of self-preservation as well as the good interests of their communities would have merited Eden’s approval.

Rahab, the prostitute in the Book of Joshua, who deceived her own people in order to protect the Israelite spies she had taken under her wing, is lauded as a “profile in faith” in Hebrews 11: “By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient.” Perhaps what Rahab truly needed was a lecture from Dawn Eden(who probably would have also criticized her scanty attire) about the use of deception as a means to an end.

Since Eden, as a pro-lifer, would rather invest her energy in scolding O’Keefe and Rose for their employment of “lying and deception” against Planned Parenthood as an evil means to an end rather than Planned Parenthood’s condoning of eugenics and statutory rape – we wonder if she would feel the same about those who deceptively housed Jews in their attics, lying to German interrogators during World War II.

Yep.  Clearly I've been right all along that it's ethically and morally correct to fight fire with fire, to hold mirrors up to those who start the whole thing themselves in the service of evil, greed, etc...

Of course, the hypocrites will scream bloody murder when we use some of their own tactics, such as Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, against them to defeat them in the Court of the Electorate and in other courts.  They started it, so so shall it be, both ways.  They can't complain!

Also, beware of false "conservatives" who stand up for the evil "progressives".  They just might be... "progressive" double agents, like, perhaps, John McCain and other RINOs like him...  And recall how McCain threw in the towel durning the '08 election?  He refused to even tell the inconvenient truth about Obama!  Refusing to tell the truth in service of good, well, what does that make Mr. McCain?  Apparently he's been corrupted over the decades.  He's the reason why the Democrats and Obama won.  He pulled all punches and threw in the towel.  And forced Palin to lie down.

In Canada, beware also of the confused "Red Tories".  I doubt that the likes of Joe Clark have really gone away, and I think that they lurk behind the proverbial curtain, as does the terrible George Soros, he of Nazi-collaboration infamy and the de-facto leader of the American "progressive" Hard Left movement.

Well, there'll be no more pulled punches, and no more lying down, from now on.  Because the Hard Left "progressives" have already launched a war against all that is good, so we must fight back.  Or they'll win for the dark side.

Take heart, my American friends.  Already good people have started fighting back, big time.  These people are rallying around the likes of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.  Perhaps the future of America belongs in the hands of such women...  I'd love to see a Palin-Bachmann ticket in 2012, and see all good people come to their aid...  And I note the Alinskyist Big Lies and unhinged, psychiatrically-whacked demonizing behavior coming from the "progressive" movement in general, in fear of the potential goodness these women would bring to America...

Something tells me the Progs will be alarmed by this post... whatever will they do now, they wonder?  Alinsky didn't say, unfortunately for them, what to do when the other guys adopt, to great success, some of their own tactics, as is often rightly done in war.

Remember, the Hard Left "progressive" movement doesn't want us to use these effective tactics against them, so they'll try to discourage us, telling us that we'll "have no integrity" and will be "dishonest and disliked by them", if we do this.  It's a deceptively "friendly" tactic I've come to identify, being practiced at least by some Canadian Hard-Left "progressives"...  It's an effective tactic, but guess what, I, unlike some weaker "conservatives", have not, and will not fall for it.  So, nice try, "Stage Left" guys!  My "integrity" is ironclad as long as I employ the tactics for the right ends.  As you wrongly believe yours is, when you employ the tactics for your ends, such as the corruption of society for your decadent hedonist desires, denying that there could possibly be any deleterious consequences stemming from your various sub-agendae, should they be realized.


Jen said...

It is a good think for both united states and canada that there is righ wing media that speaks for both countries keeping us well informed of the 'darkness' which is trying to over take us yet are constantly under attack by FOXMEDIA.

The Tea Party will spill onto canadian soil. The canadian media will be under attack for the daily ritual of 'hate'

The 'hard left' were relying on their scare tactics, abusive words, hate, as a form to weaken you and your spirit so that you will end up at their mercy to be dealt with according to the HardLeft's wishes.

The media in canada constantly attack the tea parties why is that CS, why are they so afraid of the TEA PARTIES? I ask with sarcasm

Anonymous said...

New names for the reorganized ACORN

The Texas Organizing Project (T TOP)
New York Communities for Change (NYCC)
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)
Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA)
Creative Communities Committing Voter Fraud (CCCVF)
Government Funded Progressive Propaganda Team (GFPPT)
Bastards Who Condone the Kidnapping, Rape, Sodomizing, Enslavement, and Prostitution of Children (BWCKRSEPC)
If I’m a Teabagger, then they are all Cornholers. There!

Canadian Sentinel said...

The last three- you made those up, right? Too self-incriminating to be the real thing, eh!

Hmm... calling those who use the "teabagger" slur... "cornholers"... priceless. Some of 'em actually are!

Canadian Sentinel said...

why are they so afraid of the TEA PARTIES? -Jen

Oh, come now, Jen... we both know why.

It's like how vampires fear the Cross, Holy Water, sunlight, mirrors and pictures of Rosie O'Donnel naked in black socks...

Anonymous said...

Rosie O. naked in black socks?
That's another night's sleep ruined; and yes I made the last three up and you knew that. The top four are real with many more to come. My understanding is that the shell game played with the federal funds is quite deep and the only reason Rathke got busted was a result of typical gang of thieves stuff. They all knew the money was easy, it was getting laundered and redirected, and people were paid a lot for very little. That's opinion but there's evidence.
Now I would love cornholers to stick. It's just as nasty a primary term as teabagger. Time for quid pro quo. Feel free to use it and call it your own. The challenge is making it stick. All props there. For proper motivation look up teabagger on the urban dictionary. Really enjoying your site.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Friend of mine has used the term "bumlickers" to describe minions of the Chinese Communist Party...