Monday, March 01, 2010

Conservatives Widen Lead, 37-29, Over Libs

Tied for a while.  But pulling ahead significantly.  Would win again, based on the numbers.

Guess people are realizing that proroguation wasn't all that big a deal after all, that Liberal Premier McGuinty did it too and that wasn't a big deal either, and, besides, they now feel that they'd been manipulated by the Big Media and by partisan political activists.  So they're not pissy towards the Tories anymore.  They're like, hey, y'know, we were told that there was "something to see there", but, really there wasn't!

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Here we go again.  Fofecksake... the Liberals have decided that they can't win by bashing PM Harper, so they've decided to bash a man they've bashed in the past... Stockwell Day.

Well, I don't think it's going to work.  After all, remember the Chretien-Martin years, during which all sorts of essential stuff was slashed and burned by the Liberals, to fight the deficit?

Well, they'll look hypocritical if they complain today about Mr. Day and his efforts to get the current deficit under control and vanquished.

They don't even know what's coming.  Yet listen to them fearmonger about what might be, as if they were Nostradamus. Or Stephen King.

What a bunch of stinking asses.  Pyoooo!

Hypocritical stinking asses.  The Liberal bastards slashed healthcare, education, national security, whilst running multi-billiondollar boondoggles and amassing billions in mysterious "foundations".   And don't forget about ADSCAM! 

Yet here they are today practicing their infamous Prog projection nonsense!  Sheesh!

Guess Ignatieff isn't aware he's being a hypocrite.  After all, he was AWOL from Canada for over three decades, and apparently is ignorant of what was going on during that time.  So he's just uttering the pisspoor and predictable Hard-Leftwingnutcase talking points given to him by former Chretien staffer Peter Donolo, pretty much as Obama utters his own assigned crap as he reads it off the TOTUS.  Like, blah!  Liberals?  Blah!  No better than the Nudies or Bloc-heads!

By the way, this morning, I did mention that in the fourth quarter of 2009, as reported by StatsCan, the Canadian economy roared back at an "annualized rate" of 5%...

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