Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Extremist Czar Van Jones Calls Non-Leftists 'Worthless'

Van Jones.  The racist-communist-revolutionary.

He's still theeeere!

He also believes that universities should be turning people into "revolutionaries" (like himself, obviously).
"There are thousands of worthless people here signing off checks to the administration to get their worthless degrees," he said. "You have the sense to know that you've got to fight for what you (really want)."

"History has to be made by young people fighting for a new future," Jones continued. "You're living your history right here tonight."

Jones said budget and faculty cuts in the ethnic studies department signaled that the UC Berkeley administration is willing to do anything to "prevent you from becoming revolutionaries."

"What's at stake isn't a curriculum any more – it's a vision for a new generation," he said. 

Ah... just another of Obama's extremist brethren.  So, so, sooooo many extremist revolutionaries inside the Obamacrat Reich...

Calling people "worthless" just because they don't share one's views... is kind of... Nazi-like, kind of Islamic-Supremacist-like, kind of Chinese Communist Party-like, kind of GLBT-fascist-like I'd point out.

And Obama is just fine with this guy, making sure he has a well-paying job somewhere in the Reich...

If Obama isn't a revolutionary himself, then he should declare that the dangerous-lunatic Van Jones not be given the time of day within the administration, and certainly not be given a job, as long as he's obviously carrying these dangerously hateful views.  He's, after all, no different from a Neo-Nazi white supremacist, the only difference being that he's a Neo-Nazi black supremacist.

And any kind of supremacism is intolerable in the Free World!

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Anonymous said...

In response to the fascist Jones as seen through the WND, I think it important to ask "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"

From: Prentice Hall World Explorer Asia and the Pacific 5th grade social studies text. I quote...
In the 1950s Mao began a policy of Radical, or extreme, change. This policy, called the "Great Leap Forward," turned out to be a giant leap backward..... In 1966 Mao introduced another radical policy called the "Cultural Revolution".... He began this process by urging students to rebel against their teachers and their families. The students formed bands of radicals known as the Red Guard....They beat up and imprisoned many Chinese artists, professors, and doctors... in 1969... three years of turmoil had left China in shambles, with hundreds of thousands of its citizens dead.

My 5th grader's text. Just because you're at Princeton doesn't make you smarter than a 5th grader. Dump Jones or you too may get beaten or killed as a result of your blind tolerance.