Saturday, September 05, 2009

Van Jones: An Alinskyist Following Rules For Radicals

Investigating Van Jones, Obama's appointed "green jobs" czar...

(Emphasis mine)

Jones' new approach was modeled on the tactics outlined by the famed radical organizer Saul Alinsky, who stressed the need for revolutionaries to mask the extremism of their objectives and to present themselves as moderates until they could gain some control over the machinery of political power. In a 2005 interview, Jones stated that he still considered himself a revolutionary, but a more effective one thanks to his revised tactics.

Hmm... just like Obama! See? Hidden agenda, as I warned!

Sounds a lot like David Duke, too. Y'know, the soft-spoken KKKlanner in the nice suit who tried to become President?

Well, looks like the Black version of David Duke is the President today... Obama.

And Obama's appointing like-minded racist revolutionaries all over the Regime.

And the "green jobs" thing? Guess what? Jones has no idea whatsoever what the hell a "green job" is!

Well, we still don't have a unified definition, and that's not unusual in a democracy. It takes a while for all the states and the federal government to come to some agreement. But the Department of Labor is working on it very diligently. Fundamentally, it's getting there, but we haven't crossed the finish line yet.
Since he hasn't any idea what the hell he's doing in this obviously phony position, what is his true purpose as an unvetted, unaccountable, very-powerful "czar" in the Regime? What is the "green jobs" front hiding, in terms of his real role in the Obama Revolution?

More on Jones and his Alinskyism... (emphasis mine)...

After the demise of his anti-Prop 21 movement, Jones decided to give his political tactics a thorough makeover. Specifically, he toned down the overt hostility and defiant rage that he previously had worn as badges of honor, and he began to present himself publicly as a more moderate figure. ”Before, we would fight anybody, any time,” he said in 2005. “No concession was good enough; we never said ‘Thank you.’ Now, I put the issues and constituencies first. I’ll work with anybody, I’ll fight anybody if it will push our issues forward…. I’m willing to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends.”‘

Adds Jones: “I realized that there are a lot of people who are capitalists — shudder, shudder — who are really committed to fairly significant change in the economy, and were having bigger impacts than me and a lot of my friends with our protest signs.”


The Alinsky method of “community organizing” for revolutionary change was the most formative tactical influence on Barack Obama during his years as a political neophyte. Distancing himself from the likes of the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers and the Black Liberation Theologian Jeremiah Wrighta pair of America-hating socialists with whom he had cultivated very significant personal and political alliances – Obama campaigned for President last year as someone who would not dream of appointing anyone with a track record as radical and volcanic as that of Van Jones. Yet he did precisely that, once he was safely ensconced behind his desk in the Oval Office.

The truth about the people of the Obama Regime, including Obama himself... becomes ever-clearer. They continue to be exposed, despite the near-total lack of curiousity on the part of the Big Media, who's proven to be quite excellent for manufacturing consent for Obama's election, if not so much so for manufacturing consent for his agenda as he unveils it and attempts to ram it in, without lube, telling Americans it's "to check their prostate" or "to take their temperature", or "because it's better for everyone this way".

I bet they wished they could shut us all up so they could implement their extremist, revolutionary, racist, communist, destroy-America agenda a lot easier and faster...

There also seems to be a belief that Van Jones is gay... which, of course, ordinarily wouldn't matter, but considering that Jones is a radical, extremist, militant revolutionary, there is the possibility that, if he is indeed a homosexual, he might illegally, unconstitutionally act to make gays, as well as other "minorities", superior to those who don't qualify for any such special, exalted status, meaning that he could abolish equality between Americans and take rights away from many, many people... So the People need to have all the information available to make their decisions as to what to tell pollsters about their views on the Regime, and on how to vote in 2010 and 2012. Black supremacist, militant communist revolutionary, serial conspiracy theorist, and, perhaps, a gay supremacist... and he's only ONE of the three dozen secretly-appointed, powerful, unaccountable "czars" who comprise a de-facto shadow regime, which could very well be the real government behind the scenes, protected from scrutiny by the submissive, obedient Big Media, and the one we see presented on TV just a front for optics...

We'll have to investigate all the czars, too... and, for sure we will.

And keep the pressure on Obama to prove that he meets the Constitutional requirement of an American-soil birth (show us his real, original, paper, 'long-form' birth certificate) to legally, legitimately be President.

Of course, if he fails to do so, then the case can be made that he's not the President, simply because it hasn't been demonstrated that he meets the Constitution's sacred requirement! And then we can nullify and void whatever he implemented that we must, just like that.

I just hope that civil war doesn't have to break out again in America, in order to restore the supremacy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the sarcosanct, supreme power of "We the People", the American People. Regardless of "status"! One American, one equal vote!

Think what I'm saying is scary? Well, just look at who's running America into the ground right now... and then we can talk about who's really scary!