Friday, September 11, 2009

Trudeau Haunts Taunts Ignatieff

Justin Trudeau, that is.

Girly Man Part Two.

How convenient for the Conservatives that Liberals, habitual infighters and backstabbers they're infamous for being, publicly criticize one another.

They criticized Dion.

And they, like Justin Trudeau, Pierre's little dude, criticized Michael Ignatieff.

So the Conservatives have got an ad running of Trudeau saying inconvenient things about his leader.

“Ignatieff, he’s a little all over the place sometimes,” Trudeau says in the spot, in a clip drawn from a 2006 TV interview.

“He says this, he says that — he contradicts himself.”

Trudeau then delivers this little parting shot: “For me, he’s not someone with... maybe he has the intelligence, but maybe not the wisdom required.”

I agree with Justin, actually. Iggy's perhaps intelligent, but he's not all that wise.

Ironically, Ignatieff is now getting a taste of the same medicine he unwittingly dished out once to his own leader.

Conservative ads before the last election showed Ignatieff, from the same leadership race, criticizing Stephane Dion’s environmental record, saying: “Stephane, we didn’t get it done.”