Thursday, September 03, 2009

Racist, Communist Van Jones Also A 9/11 'Truther' Conspiracy Theorist

Obama at left, with his appointed "Green Jobs" Czar Van Jones

Van Jones has already been exposed as a racist and a militantly radical revolutionary communist.

The latest word is that he's been found to be a "truther", too. That is, he believes in the fringe-element, crackpot conspiracy theory that the Bush Adminstration was behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Sheesh! That's worse than a mere "birther", which I actually am, which means, simply, someone who wants Obama to finally release his original, paper, long-form birth certificate, which is the only true evidence of whether he was born on American soil , as required by the Constitution to be President. The weird thing isn't that people want proof, but rather that the proof wasn't demanded nor offered in the first place, and Obama was allowed to go ahead and run for President, anyway, and actually got elected. It's critically important to be sure that this guy is legally, constitutionally the President, especially in light of the scary-dangerous stuff he's been doing and appears hellbent on doing. Is he an impostor?

Racist. Militantly revolutionary communist. Conspiracy theorist.

And he's still in that powerful, unaccountable position within the Regime.

As long as he remains, he taints everyone in the Regime, including Obama, who appointed him.

Obama knows of the racism, the militancy, the conspiracy theorism, for sure. Yet he's fine with it all and still wants this extremist as part of the bunch running America into the ground. This means that he condones racism, militantly revolutionary communism and conspiracy theorism about 9/11. This means that he must share the ideology of Van Jones or at least think it's fine and ok. And that's frightening. Remember, this is the same guy who's known to be associated with a whole crapload of radical, revolutionary extremists. Van Jones is just one such associate.

The Left isn't alarmed. The Big Media is silent, not caring at all. This means that they condone racism, militantly revolutionary communism and conspiracy theorism about 9/11. They therefore can reasonably be suspected as sharing these ideologies as long as they condone the presence of Van Jones and other extremist czars within the Regime.