Sunday, September 06, 2009

NYT Demonstrated Bias, Agenda With Behavior Re Van Jones Story

Story here.

Van Jones, Obama environmental adviser and "green jobs" czar, resigned late Saturday night, the culmination of days of controversy (ignored by the mainstream media) after the Gateway Pundit blog dug up evidence of Van Jones being a "Truther." He signed a petition in 2004 questioning whether the Bush administration "may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen." And the New York Times does its first story on the matter -- the day after Van Jones resigned his administration post.

Astonishing double standard...

Last month, the New York Times jumped on the conservative fringe of "Birthers" who question Obama's Hawaiian birthplace and thus his presidential eligibility, deriding the conspiracy theory as false and demanding prominent Republicans denounce the idea. Yet the Times maintained strict silence on the Van Jones controversy as it bubbled away for several days in the photosphere, with only the Washington Times and Fox News Channel willing to treat as a news story the fact that an influential member of the Obama administration thinks the government may have let 9-11 happen -- a far more incendiary charge than the question of Obama's birthplace.


So Times's readers again come to an administration scandal cold, not hearing about controversy over an Obama official until the day that official resigns or retreats from an administration position. Chas Freeman was Obama's pick for a top intelligence post, who angrily withdrew from consideration in March 2009 after accusations of anti-Semitism that were ignored by the Times until the day he withdrew.

Isn't it obvious that the New York Times, like most of the rest of the Big Meida, is biased and follows an obvious agenda?