Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New Homebuilding Soars In Canada

...another in a long line of evidence that the recession's over in Canada.

ht: NNW

And that's with a "right-wing" government in Canada, doing "right-wing" stuff, compared to what's happening in America with the neo-Communists in power and with a remote-controlled, malfunctioning robot in the White House.

Perhaps the new housing starts are happening to accommodate Americans fleeing the tyranny and oppression of the revolutionary socialist regime south of the border.

One wonders why the Liberals (ok, mostly just Michael Ignatieff, for whom the proverbial knives must already be unsheathed) think it's a good time to force an election under the circumstances. Things are already turning around, perhaps quickly, under the Harper Conservatives' world-beating leadership.

How can anyone beat such a competent government? It doesn't work that way.

Perhaps Michael Ignatieff's just doing this so that he'll have an excuse to quit before Christmas. He knows he's made a big mistake taking the helm of a sinking ship, and is looking for a way out without being called a "quitter". How else do you explain a relatively smart guy doing such a relatively stupid thing?

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