Wednesday, September 09, 2009

If It Was A Muslim, They Probably Wouldn't Tell Us

But since in this case it's a Christian, they're all too eager to talk about that.

Of course, it must be pointed out that the guy never intended to harm anyone, nor did he. It was all an act. He might have psychological issues, besides. Perhaps he's not even who and what he claims to be, and is fooling the Big Media. Who knows? It's not like the Big Media has earned out trust!

On the other hand, when Muslims hijack airplanes, they fully intend to cause as much harm as possible. And there's been quite a number of Islamic hijackings. Speaking of which, it's almost the anniversary of the ones that happened in America just a few years ago that killed 3,000 innocents.

Why are the Left and the Big Media so phobic about Christians and Christianity while refusing to acknowledge the undeniable, obvious reality that they're supposed to fear and publicly denounce Islamic supremacists, of whom there's a lot, notwithstanding the politically correct talking-point claim that only a tiny number of Muslims are Islamic supremacists, terrorists, or supporters thereof?

How often do we hear of Christians committing, attempting to commit, or threatening to commit terrorism and other atrocities? Compare that frequency to the frequency for Islamists exhibiting these behaviors.