Friday, September 11, 2009

CNN Jumps Gun On Noises On 9/11 Anniversary

CNN went nuts just because they heard some bang-bangs on the 9/11 anniversary.

Strange... they haven't gone nuts over the real terrorist incidents that happened in the ensuing years, dutifully saying, "nothing to see here... just some nuts being dumb".

But now look at their jump-the-gun behavior.

I've been bugged by mischievous leftist trolls for posting on things that actually look like, and sometimes even turn out to be, terrorism.

But I've never done anything as bizarrely daft as what the CNN did today.

This incident is just more evidence that the Approved Media doesn't know what the hell it's doing, nor does it have a clue as to the real world around them.

Sheesh. Next thing you know, Michael Moore will fart backstage and the newsies will believe they're experiencing a chemical or biological attack via a bomb...

ht: Drudge Report