Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chinese Workers Rising Up Against Communist Party

Story here.

Another of many, many signs that the Chinese Communist Party is losing its totalitarian control over the People.

After all, if the workers were to strike, the Chinese economy would crash.

So what would the CCP do, arrest, imprison, torture and kill 'em all for their defiance?

Then who'd do the work? Ah... precisely!

The CCP cannot sustain its existence. They're not a party that's any good for the People, not at all. They're just an organized crime gang with a massive military. They only care about themselves and their comrades in the Party. About a billion people are left to fend for themselves.

The People now know that the Party/government is against them. All the state propaganda and strict control of civilian communication in China can't fool them anymore.

The CCP isn't truly "communist" anymore. They're just greedy, totalitarian, criminal slavemasters now.

Funny how the Left in the Western World thinks the CCP is the kitty's pajamas, isn't it?

Now, if only the New Media would go after the CCP like they've gone after Obama's extremist czar Van Jones, who's just resigned under unbearable pressure...

Come on! Let's expose the crooks of the Chinese Communist Party! Don't wait for the Big Media to do its job, because we know they won't!