Sunday, September 13, 2009

Canadian Sentinel Makes It Into The News, an online-only newspaper-type news website, reports on the Liberal who spied on the Prime Minister. The Liberal "spy" provided, what he thought to be, revealing video footage to his comrades, the Liberals (who, no big surprise, passed it on to their cronies in the CBC, their de-facto propaganda wing). SooToday mentions my own theory of what might have happened.

Another theory is offered by the Canadian Sentinel blog: "Liberal spy Tetreault doesn't realize that he's been used. He's been manipulated. His simple, predictable mentality has apparently been harnessed by Conservative strategists as a tool of political warfare, turned against his own guys.

"Really, he wasn't just a well-known Liberal/Ignatieff operative; he was actually deliberately invited by the Conservative Party, via a local official.

"What does that logically tell you? Would the Tories knowingly invite a partisan Liberal operative to a private, "hush-hush" speech if they didn't want anyone to know what Harper was going to say?"

Post from which excerpt was taken: Liberal 'Spy' Who Took Harper Video Not Really A 'Spy'

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hat tip: National Newswatch