Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anger Ensues Over Unpatriotic Liberal Postcard

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The offending Liberal postcard.

Story here.

Postcard courtesy of disgraced Liberal MP Hedy "Crosses Are Burning As We Speak" Fry.

"I was completely offended by it," Carr said, who received one of the cards in his mailbox.

"There are many military families in my constituency. They are proud of the flag and wear it with great pride. This is major mistake by the Liberals."

Hedy Fry, so far, isn't apologizing. In fact, she goes on to spew the following unsubstantiated claims:

"This postcard represents what Liberals are hearing from everyday Canadians from coast, to coast, to coast: that, under Stephen Harper, Canada is becoming a diminished light and force on the world stage," Fry told The Telegraph-Journal.
"Mr. Harper has tarnished our international reputation when it comes to climate change, the United Nations, respect for human rights, peacekeeping, and the list goes on."

Blah-blah. Lots of hard-leftwing gobbleddygook nonsense. Talking points. Propaganda. Wholly without substance offered. Partisan poopflinging by an infamously extreme partisan.

Sorry, Hedy, but hearsay isn't evidence. I suspect you're lying again, like with the burning crosses.

Accusation dismissed on grounds that accuser is a known liar.

Seems the Liberals are going to be waging a campaign of lies and demonization (which is all they've got going, in the absence of any scandals or other damning realities vis-a-vis the Conservatives... can't dig up real dirt, so throw imaginary dirt instead) in the next election, which could reportedly begin this coming Friday.

If that's the way they want to play the game, well, then, The Canadian Sentinel is ready to play. Again.

And I hope the Harper Conservatives don't pull their punches and let the Canadian Obama win, like the McCain Republicans let the Obama-Democrat mob win by laying down their arms refusing to talk about the proven, devastatingly scary past of Obama. Oh, wait... thankfully, the Conservatives are already talking about Ignatieff's devastatingly scary past!

Still, I hope the Conservatives don't hold back on any of the inconvenient truths about Ignatieff and the Liberals. The truth must come out, to contrast with the liberals' big lies (which will, naturally, be propagated furiously by the Big Media to deliberately drive the disinformation home into the minds of many negligently guillible voters)!

Above: in red, Liberal MP Hedy Fry, with some, well, let's just call 'em people.
Below: Hedy Fry again.
Hedy Fry: Not to be taken seriously.