Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why Canada Urgently Needs Massive, Quick Military Investment
Is there any question what this guy wants? And what he's prepared to do to take it?
Was there any question about Hitler and what he wanted and was prepared to do?
Oh, and I just gotta ask: Don't they have Chapstick in Russia? Or does the nuclear radiation all over the place mess up one's lips so badly that Chapstick won't help?
That's just one of 'em, folks. Gotta be able to destroy them at all times.
Too bad the Obama Regime has chosen to terminate the F-22 program.
What will we do for air superiority defences, then?
You know what's a great "stimulus" idea?
Resurrecting AVRO!

Because there's a cold war going on, fofecksake!

And it's a really cold one at that.

Paranoid Russia is saying it envisions war over Arctic resources.

Who else is babbling about war all the damn time, other than Russia?

See a pattern? Russia is paranoid and war-obsessed.

Yet we pretend all's well and we don't need a military?

Shee-it. We're just like Britain when she mocked Winston Churchill's ability to foresee what was in the offing by observing another paranoid, war-obsessed dictatorship...

Well, I'm telling y'all now... if we don't now gear up to destroy Russia, then Russia will destroy us if she loses it enough.

And I'm not so sure that America under the Soros-Obama Regime would want to fight off their ideological comrades... so it's best we be able to take on the Putinist Regime with every ounce of our being. We can't take it for granted that an Obammunist Regime would honor the traditional arrangements they have with us.

Icebreakers and a bunch of guys in parkas with rifles ain't going to cut it!

ht: NNW