Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tories Finally Quit Pulling Punches For Iggy


No more free soup for you, Iggy!

OTTAWA — A day after launching attack ads against Michael Ignatieff on the Internet, the Harper Conservatives are bringing out the big guns for a sustained and broad negative campaign against the Liberal Leader — launching six spots to run on national TV.

What took you so long, guys? Waited to see scary polling numbers?

Anyway, good for you. This is absolutely necessary, because most Canadians don't know Iggy from Adam, thanks to the Big Media, who doesn't want to tell the truth about Iggy.

This should be fun.

Not so much for Iggy and the Libbies, though.

ht: NNW

ALSO: Iggy website. Fun! Come see!

"I am horribly arrogant and sure of myself"

-Michael Ignatieff