Saturday, May 09, 2009

Pointless Exercise: Liberals Redo Logo

Michael "P'Iggy" Ignatieff, Leader-Coronate of the Liberal Party of Canada, absent-mindedly cannibalizes a pork sandwich after jumping a long queue to pig out: Photo


Via National Newswatch

How about getting some new policies instead? Oh, wait... you guys don't have any, so how about just getting some policies? I mean, besides your core policy to raise taxes?

At least give the voters something to use to compare you to the government. At least the government has policies.

You guys had the perfect opportunity to get some real, decent policies that Canadians could agree with, at your Coronation Convention. Instead, it appears that the Extreme Fringe Left-Wing of the Party dominated most of the policy-decision process, winning, most of the time, their way on their extremist ideas. How could that happen, unless you guys are, in the majority, Left-Wing Extremists or at least power-at-all-costs, valueless, special-interests, big-city-fixated just-politicians?

Photo: Leader-Coronate Michael Ignatieff celebrates his "victory" with the scandal-tainted Ruby "NannyGage" Dhalla and Judy "StripperGate" Sgro.

New leader. New logo. Irrelevant. What's in it all for the voters? And don't give us stupid, meaningless slogans, like "hope", "change" and "yes we can". Hell, even Iran's Ahmadinejad's copying Obama's tired old crappy slogan in the so-called "elections" in Iran.

Canadians don't want a copycat of Obama and Ahmadinejad, you see.

Not sure they want a de-facto alien running the country, either.

And, no, Iggy, this, below, will not do, either, unless you're running for Mayor of San Francisco!

But at least you do look pretty, sweetie! Hey, the flamboyant Bobbie Rae wants you to go skinnydipping with him and Stephanie Dion again...