Saturday, May 09, 2009

Obama Regime Renews Funding For Indicted ACORN



Republican Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (MN-CD6) in the following featured video courtesy of the Washington News Observer two days ago attempted to warn the American people about another grant of taxpayer money to the group, ACORN, under the “Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act,” if her amendment prohibiting organizations under investigation for voter registration fraud from receiving funding under the act did not pass. Unfortunately, the House by a 245-176 margin voted to allow ACORN to get the funding.


More: ALG Condemns the House of Representatives for Voting to Fund “Criminal Enterprise" ACORN

Is the Soros-Obama Regime therefore a criminal organization itself for knowingly and deliberately granting taxpayer funds to an alleged and charged criminal organization?

“Without pause, the House breathlessly continues to fund a criminal enterprise,” said Wilson. “Only in Washington does an organization get funded on Thursday that was indicted for 39 felony counts on Monday.”


Why not give money to the Hells Angels, too? And the Mafia? The KKK? Al Qaeda? The CAIR? And to the U.S. Skinheads? What's the difference?


If the Fascist Left can throw Conrad Black in jail for merely carrying a few boxes around, the contents of which no one other than Lord Black has any knowledge, then surely we can throw Barack Hussein Obama in jail for being a key part of the greatest fraud in the history of the United States of America. Where Is the Birth Certificate, Obama? Show us the Birth Certificate, not the worthless "Certification of Live Birth" which only shows that your birth, wherever in the world it occured, was only registered as being registered in Hawaii. Prove you were not born in Kenya or step down or be indicted! You are lying, cheating, you impostor. You know it, I know it and millions know it!

Barack Hussein Obama and his people are all participants in or accessories to, treason, fraud and other felonies.

And because they control the Press and the legal/judicial system and so much, much more, the chances of them getting away with it all are nothing short of unprecedentedly phenomenal!

Still... the Press loves the bastard!