Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dissecting Obama's Atrociously Extreme 'Hate Crimes' Bill

Analysis here. Read all of it!

S. 909 is full of outright lies and fabrications. It makes outlandish claims to justify itself that aren't backed up by any evidence.

The basic claim is that existing laws are "inadequate" to protect those who need protection. And the claim is absolutely false. The analysis explains why. In a nutshell, no evidence has been provided to bolster S. 909's attempts to justify itself.

The Obama Regime is feeding nothing but pure excrement to Americans with this bill.

It's a bill to make the most extreme, most depraved and decadent extremists "happy".

It's a bill to further tear and shred the moral fabric of America. Because the Extreme Left hates morality and finds it inconvenient.

So they seek to make morality illegal.

Who did they ask? Who wants this bill? Mainstream America? Hell, no!

Only the fringe extremists of the Far, Hard, Radically-Extreme Left want it! People with bizarre fetishes, like, for example, those who like to molest and rape children, who like to eat turds or who like to have "sex" with live or dead animals or whatever want to be publicly exalted, canonized, popularized, rewarded... they want to promote their depraved lifestyle, spread it around, get ever-more people to enter the lifestyle, impose it onto the elementary schools in curricula, etc., so they can then artificially feel better about themselves, as they have no self-esteem to begin with and will choose to take the easy, lazy route to false esteem via seeking coerced-by-the-state, artificial, external social validation, be it voluntary or by tyrannical state coercion.

This is disgusting, embarrassing. The Axis of Evil must be rolling on the floor laughing their evil asses off right now. The Useful Idiots, led by the megalomaniacal narcississt Barack Hussein Obama, a puppet of a former Nazi collaborator, are doing what America's enemies want them to do- destroy America from the inside out via the destruction of the very fundamentals that make America America in the first place, that make her strong.

The Extreme Left absolutely must not be permitted to succeed in destroying America by destroying her economy via socialist dictatorship and her moral foundation and fabric via a bizarre, sneaky, snaky, skunky, insidious, unnecessary so-called "hate crimes" bill. And by rewriting (I see it coming as I've seen the signs of Leftist movement into that direction, as Obama has said he doesn't like the Constitution as it is and is likely to appoint as a SCOTUS judge a woman who has openly indicated her belief that the Constitution must somehow be rewritten) the Constitution to fit their radically extreme, massively-socially-reengineering agenda.

We must see to it that they fail. Because they're a small, powerful, influential and offensively wealthy group of radical extremists who seek to impose radically extreme transformation and astonishing social reengineering upon the mainstream majority, who they never told they were going to do all this crap!