Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CBC Now Faces Real World Like Everyone Else

Death by a thousand cuts?

ht: National Newswatch

CBC could be facing a cut of up to five per cent, or $56 million, from its parliamentary appropriation in the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

I consent to the cut in "parliamentary appropriation".

After all, if all kinds of stuff in Obamerica will be enduring cuts or even elimination (except the brand-new, multi-trillion-dollar Extreme Left-Wing programs he's imposing), then it's only fair that so do things in Canada, especially something like the worthless anachronism CBC, which really doesn't do anything for Candian culture and heritage, and is rather a propaganda tool for the Far Left and the Liberal Party, for which they have no business receiving taxpayer monies in the first place.

The Left can't complain... they believe in euthanasia for human beings, in abortion, so if they whine, just ignore those fullashits and go right ahead, regardless of any protests organized by neo-communist community organizers.