Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama's Budget 'Adjustments' Ideologically Motivated

The headline above this post is my position based on what I'm witnessing in terms of the Obama Regime's slashing funding to all kinds of things.

I'm calling it now, based on my observations of what's cut and the effects of the cuts.

It's clear to me that they're ideologically motivated. And it's further proof that the Obama Regime is one of incredibly radical left-wing extremism and social reengineering.

Everything I see is clearly designed to advance left-wing extremist ideology in America, to leftify the nation.

The "impossible" deal the Regime is offering California is one example. It's not hard to see how it's based on forcing California to abandon a rational budget cut of its own that was supported by Republicans as well as Democrats. If the budget cuts in California aren't cancelled, says the Obama Regime, then they won't get any "stimulus" funding.

Another is this.

“Unfortunately the president’s budget adjustment would completely eliminate abstinence-education grants for programs that are clearly working for students across the country,”


Robert Rector, a senior analyst at The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank, said the president’s move came at the request of abortion-rights groups, including Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood and its ideological allies have opposed abstinence-only sex education from the very first day that the federal abstinence programs were created – not because of issues of effectiveness, but because they are ideologically opposed to teaching abstinence,” Rector told


“They teach kids that casual sexual activity is harmful, for a variety of reasons, and they teach kids that sex is a lot more than physical passion,” he added. “It’s a very helpful, supportive message that’s supported by virtually every parent, and is now being torpedoed by a very small set of left-wing groups promoting the doctrines of Dr. Alfred Kinsey.”

(Speaking of Alfred Kinsey, he was a criminal of monstrous proportions. He even enlisted horrible pedophiles, including a Nazi, to brutally rape children and even babies, and then claimed to have made "scientific" conclusions based on this incredible inhumanity. One only needs to research what he did and realize that his "findings" are invalid partly due to the incredible, inhuman criminal nature of his so-called "research". He was a junk-science psycho who, incredibly, transformed the morality of the Free World into what we witness today.)

Ah. "Planned Parenthood". That racist/Nazi-founded torture-and-murder business (a very profitable one, and I recently reported that they made a BILLION DOLLAR PROFIT on torturing and murdering live human beings for money... its racist/Nazi founder must be grinning six feet under) wanted the Regime to do this. It's not "planned parenthood", any more than North Korea is "Democratic". It's actually planned murder.

This move will definitely increase business for the murderous so-called "Planned Parenthood", thanks to the Soros-Obama Left-Wing Extremist Regime. Don't forget that Obama's boss, George Soros, is a proud former Nazi collaborator. Interesting, all the Nazis involved in the immorality of the Far Left, isn't it?

Yes, all of my claims are verifiable; I wouldn't make such stuff up; it'd destroy my credibility if I did. Google is your friend!

The more I look at the Obama Regime, the more I hope he's impeached as soon as possible, highly unlikely now that the Democrats control both Houses. Failing that, I hope the American People throw out the Democrat SOBs in the midterm elections so as to twist Obama's arm and make it impossible for him to commit any further anti-American atrocities against the state and the People.

More... much, much, much more to come. I will not stop exposing the truth about the Obama Regime which the Big Media has been and will continue to be covering up.

Barack Hussein Obama the Puppet Leader is a very, very dangerous man for America.