Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Obama's Disgraceful Denigration Of America


Charles Krauthammer weighs in...

(ht: SDA)

Where does one begin? Obama says in America there is a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world.

Maybe that's because when there was a civil war in Europe's doorstep in the Balkans and genocide it didn't lift a finger until America led.

Maybe it's because there was an invasion in Kuwait it didn't lift a finger until America led.

Maybe it's because with America spending over half a trillion a year keeping open the sea lanes and defending the world, Europe is spending pennies on defense.

It's hard to appreciate an entity's leading role in the world when it's been sucking on your tit for 60 years as Europe has with regard to the United States, parasitically….

Nice going, Obama. Talking points from your America-hating Papa George Soros again?

Or from your "former" pastor, "Reverend" Wright?

Who's feeding you that B.S. on the teleprompter, anyway?

Dammit, Barry, you really got to quit listening to those hateful turds. They've brainwashed you and have no business telling you what to say. I mean, you're the friggin' President of the United States of America now, and you can bloody well think and speak for yourself! Or are you, and demonstrating your astonishing ignorance of world history and reality?

What an idiot. A President bashing his own country and calling the arrogant, snobbish, entitlist, titty-sucking Europe a "world leader" unappreciated by America. Shee-it, dude, they don't appreciate a bloody thing America's done and is doing for them! Get a gosh-darned clue, man! Fofecksake, eh!

Does Barack Hussein Obama hate America, or is he just an ignorant puppet of those who do?

As far as I'm concerned, it's time to wean Europe from the tit of dependence on America so they can hopefully, this time, learn the difficult life-lessons they failed to learn in the last century.

Stuff isn't free. Someone pays for everything. It's time for Europe to pay its own bills, especially as they're so rude to those who've been paying them on their behalf.

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With Europe acting like this towards America, where does Obama get off kissing their asses whilst pissing on America?