Saturday, April 04, 2009

Obama: From War On Terror To War On Capitalism

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Obamanian America officially ended the War On Terror recently, opting to call it something else, something relatively warm and fuzzy, politically correct, non-offensive, etc.

Apparently the Obama White House has chosen to let terrorists continue on as they please. No doubt there'll be another 9/11. Oh, yes... it's a-coming, folks. Don't be surprised when it does- I won't- not next time, for I now understand how the world and the human race operates. It's a given that it will happen. And that Obama will do pretty much nothing, except accelerate his affirmative action agenda for Muslims to be hired into the American state apparatus. Isn't it bizarre- Muslims kill thousands of Americans, and America, in response, under Barack Hussein Obama, who may well still be a Muslim, not a Christian (Who's seen any reports of him going to church lately? Looks like he's stopped, now that he's President, so going to church isn't needed anymore for electoral optics), rewards Muslims with easy, high-paying jobs in which they can push their Islamic agenda upon America... Oh, don't tell me he's had a footbath room and a prayer/fasting room built into the White House without telling Americans!

That said, Barack Hussein Obama, being the neoCommunist he is, has started a War On Capitalism.

America should have never taken those first, fateful steps down the road toward our present socialist experiment. And yet $13 trillion later, with the market still in shambles, jobs still on the decline and income levels flatter than pancakes, we’re stuck with an administration that seems hell bent on pushing the envelope of government control as far as it will go.


Consider this – three months ago language like “socialist sycophants” would have been considered over the top.

Not anymore, though. What used to pass for rhetorical “red meat” among true free market supporters is now putting things mildly.

With each fresh interventionist encroachment, Obama is twisting the knife deeper into the belly of an economic system that founded, built and sustained these United States through generations.


Yesterday’s invisible hand has become today’s iron fist.

We must unclench it, or risk joining our former Cold War adversaries on the ash-heap of history.

Indeed, we stand within a historical period. Oh, yes, historians of the future will speak and write of today as one of the major milestones in the history of the world. Yes... we're a part of Big History right bloody now. I fear that the coming years/decades will be as significant as the first half of the Twentieth Century. That means that things will be getting worse- much worse- before they'll get better. It appears to be a natural cyclical thing, much like recessions, for the human race, unfortunately, if one knows history. In other words, there are periods in which evil prevails, followed by periods in which good prevails. It's like a war between the Devil and God. A war between evil and good. And, unfortunately, right now, I'm afraid that the hatefully evil (or "progressive", as the left calls hateful evil), red-skinned asshole with the horns and the tail and the stupid pitchfork, has hand... just witness the rise of the Axis of Evil and the decline of the Free World, of which the election of Barack Hussein Obama is a key part.

Thanks to the "progressive" liberal left.

And our Axis enemies and their cunning.

And, of course, Barack Hussein Obama, his puppetmasters, the Big Media, the brainless electors who, knowing not what they were doing, much like the Weimar Republic/Third Reich Germans who elected Hitler, put Obama into power...

What's to come... I don't know. Ask the spirit of Nostradamus. Or Al Gore, who's, at least, alive today and way easier to get ahold of. And who likes to pretend to predict the future, which he, and science, actually, cannot do.