Saturday, April 04, 2009

Michael Ignatieff Devoid Of Policies, Lacks Clarity, Focus: TorStar

Michael Ignatieff, r, with Liberal leader-predecessor Stephane Dion: Out with the old, in with the same-old-same-old

Story here.

ht: Bourque Newswatch

A damning critique against the current Liberal Party leader by, ominously, a notoriously pro-Liberal newspaper.

I understand, by the way, that Iggy, like his idol, the dumb-as-a-doorknob, inept, fascist, national socialist dictator-puppet, Barack Hussein Obama, has started to use a teleprompter... what's the matter, Mikey, can't think of anything to say by yourself? Who's writing your talking points into the teleprompter, Warren Kinsella? Is the brain-numb nasty-guy Kinsella controlling you, rather than the other way around? Uh-oh...

Some supposed "intellectual", indeed. I don't see any real, usable intellect coming from Michael Ignatieff... none whatsoever. Do you see any?

Is this utterly-confused fellow, Michael Ignatieff qualified to be a Prime Minister? Any more than Stephane Dion was/is?