Friday, April 03, 2009

Ignatieff Lied

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ht: National Newswatch

Typical Liberal. One minute, say something that makes himself look noble in terms of political and electoral optics, then turn around and say something else entirely. Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff is no different than any other Liberal leader, be it Dion, Martin, Chretien, Turner, Trudeau...

"I'm probably walking right off the cliff into some unexpected public policy bog of which I'm unaware, but if asbestos is bad for Parliamentarians in the Parliament of Canada, it just has to be bad for everybody else," he said. "Our export of this dangerous product overseas has got to stop."

But in a scrum with reporters in Ottawa on Wednesday, Ignatieff was asked about his statement and he didn't mention a ban.

"We have had 60 years of experience with this product. What I said in answer to a question is that we have an obligation to international agreements to the countries that we export to, to make them aware of the risks. That is all I said."

No, Czar Mikhail Ignatiov, that is NOT "all you said". One would necessarily have to have failed with one's reading or hearing comprehension or have to be wilfully delusional to believe your claim that your second statement is the same as your first. Of course, one could also believe you if they were of less-advanced intellect and prone to believing whatever B.S. they're fed.

But cheer up, Comrade Ignatiov... At least your prediction that you were "probably walking off the cliff" was true! Hey, you know, your esteemed Comrade, former MP Svend Robinson, did that once, too... so you're not alone. Maybe you Hard-Leftists can form a support group for those of you who walk off cliffs...