Monday, April 06, 2009

How "Progressive" Left-wing Extremists & Bullies Caused The Recession

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WASHINGTON – Using tools provided by the federal Community Reinvestment Act, community organizers led by a self-described "banking terrorist" applied bullying tactics to secure high-risk mortgages and to shake down lending institutions for billions of dollars – actions that likely contributed to the "mortgage meltdown" that triggered the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.


"NACA has been accused of being overly aggressive and personal," explains the group's website. "NACA wears this as a badge of honor, leaving no stone unturned and often hounding CEOs from their shareholder meetings to their homes. The rationale is simple: lenders have a personal and often devastating impact on the lives of the people who they refuse to provide affordable credit to or take advantage of through predatory loans and scams."

These socialist bastards are just like the SA Brownshirts of the Nazi regime in Germany under Hitler.

In 2007, Countrywide Bank was targeted. It quickly acquiesced to demands for a settlement that included a stipulation to restructure its borrowed troubled loans. A year later, Countrywide was insolvent – touching off a string of bank defaults and government bailouts that have cost taxpayers trillions.


"NACA could not operate as it has without the Community Reinvestment Act," says the CRC report. "The CRA is a federal law, first enacted in 1977, that banned the real estate practice of 'redlining' communities, singling out geographical areas where a bank would make no loans. To comply with the CRA, banks had to show that they did not discriminate in making loans in poor and black neighborhoods."

That compliance got tougher in 1995 when President Clinton upped the ante, forcing banks to demonstrate statistically they were making their quota of loans in low-income neighborhoods and encouraging community activist groups like NACA to file complaints against banks.

See? The whole recession is all the extremist, bullying, "Progressive" Liberal Left's fault!

And, mark my words, they're going to get even more arrogantly aggressive.

They won't rest until they've imposed, by force, an international, authoritarian, socialist "utopia".