Monday, April 06, 2009

Blissful-'n-Carefree Ignatieff's Free Ride To Soon End

Filling the informational voids left by the Liberal-friendly Big Media, the Conservatives will be running advertisements as to the truth about the appointed-from-the-top-down Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff.

There's 27 years' worth of information which Canadians deserve to have.

You know how the Liberals and the Big Media have incessantly prattled about stuff PM Harper said or wrote a long time ago.

Well, the Big Media hasn't been doing its job with respect to Ignatieff.

So the Conservatives will pick up the ball and run with it.

"Notwithstanding Ignatieff's poll numbers, where he's seen as competent and popular, what our polling and focus group testing shows is that people really don't have a solid impression about him. They generally like the guy, but they don't really know anything about him. According to our polling, he's an unknown quantity in the eyes of Canadians. (...)


"The media when they cover the government, they say here's what the government is doing and here's how it deviates from perfection," said the Conservative. "It's always Harper vs. the perfect prime minister, and in that battle we always lose, but that's how the daily media coverage goes: Here's how he's not living up to the ideal image."


"What the negative campaigning allows us to do is it sharpens the contrast and say, 'It's not Harper versus perfection,' It's Harper versus Ignatieff. Harper may not be perfect but take a look at this guy and that's sort of [how we want to] reframe the debate from the way media frames it. It's pick one Harper or Ignatieff. Because the media can't intuitively create that dichotomy, we have to pay ourselves with the paid media," said the source.


In background and not-for-attribution based interviews, Tories said they are currently undertaking research on Mr. Ignatieff to find suitable material for their attack ads. Tories are reviewing all books, newspaper, magazine and journal articles Mr. Ignatieff has written as well as all videos of public affairs shows Mr. Ignatieff has hosted or participated in during the 27 years between 1978 and 2005 when Mr. Ignatieff lived in the U.K. and in the U.S. as an academic and as a broadcaster and documentary filmmaker.

I believe Mikhail Ignatiov, er, Michael Ignatieff, aka "Iggy" should be very worried. Oh, of course, he's got Warren Kinsella poised to execute his patented, frequently-backfiring Attack Clown activities. Wonder what kind of stuffed animals Catmeat will use to deflect the inconvenient truth about Iggy?

ht: National Newswatch