Saturday, April 04, 2009

Barry Bowbama Bows To Slavemaster


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ht: J. Burke

You know, according to Miss Manners, when an American bows before a foreign monarch, this is an act of submission to their power over them. And here Barack Hussein Obama, representing the United States of America, bows before the slavemaster Saudi King, who, amongst other bad stuff, ruled over the regime which tortured William Sampson, an innocent Canadian. The Kingdom also funds intolerant, hateful, supremacist, imperialist Wahhabist Islamic doctrinarian brainwashing worldwide, including in America in mosques and Islamic madrassas. As well as funding terrorism.

Related: US Forces capture top Taliban enemy leader, let him go to return to killing US Forces.

Thanks to Obama's dictation that Guantanamo Bay detention facility be shut down and the prisoners released, well, what could they do?

"So we had in our custody a top commander of the Taliban, against which we have been at war for eight years and which, far from surrendering, has continued fighting and killing American troops throughout that time. But because Guantanamo Bay is purportedly a blight on our reputation in the international community (whatever that means), and because we have thus been under pressure from the Left to shut it down, we released the said top Taliban commander even as things were getting worse in Afghanistan. He, as anyone might have predicted, has gone straight back to the jihad. Now things have gotten so bad we've had to send more troops, and the guy we released is playing a key role fortifying enemy forces and helping them prepare roadside and suicide bombings against the increased forces we're sending.

But not to worry. The administration is working hard to make arrangements to release most of the remaining 240+ detainees so the President can make good on his commitment to close Gitmo by the beginning of next year."

As usual, the Big Media failed to do any reporting on the captured enemy leader and his release.

So there you go folks: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is forcing the US Forces to release the enemy so as to allow them to return to killing more US Forces.

Incredible. From now on, in Afghanistan, Barack HUSSEIN Obama will be PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for many of the deaths of American Forces, as well as the forces of other nations.

That in addition to demonstrating his submission to the slaveowning Saudi King.

Not a Muslim anymore, you say? Well, are you sure?

And what proof have you seen that he's not foreign-born, which would invalidate his Presidency and all orders and laws he passed? The registration-of-birth Hawaii document his people released isn't proof, because it doesn't require actual location of birth to be recorded, which, according to Obama's grandmother, was Kenya. Is Barry calling his grammy a liar?!

Again the question is begged: Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama an impostor, a foreign-born fraudster? A Manchurian Candidate, a Trojan Horse???

It won't be easy to find out the truth... but I have a feeling that it will be found out. After all, to stop the truth from being discovered and exposed, would require, well, a LOT of the sort of deadly actions taken by the likes of Red China and Putinist NeoCommunist Russia against inconvenient truth uncoverer-exposers. Wonder how far the Obama regime will go to silence dissenters as it pursues its hidden agenda?

And isn't it ironic and bizarre to see the first Black American President, who professes admiration for Abraham Lincoln, who abolished slavery in America, bowing before a murderously intolerant slavemaster?