Friday, April 09, 2010

'Planned Parenthood' Says No Need To Discolse HIV Status To 'Partners'

Big Abortion Corporation "Planned Parenthood" is spewing dangerous propaganda
Under the heading “Sexual Pleasure and Well-Being,” the guide declares that it is a human right and not a criminal issue as to whether a person decides if or when to disclose their HIV status, even if they engage in sexual activities.

Incredibly, the corporation founded by the racist, Nazi-positive  Margaret Sanger is claiming that there's a "right" for those infected with HIV to go around screwing people without warning them that they'll be at risk of contracting the virus themselves.

This flies in the face of the existing criminal law that forbids wilful, knowing transmission of the deadly virus to others.

But what do we expect of the ultra-far-left-wing "Planned Parenthood"?

Those "progressives"... they lie.  We know this.  And PP is lying.  Clearly.  And the lie they're telling is very, very dangerous.  In fact, PP should be charged with a criminal offence!


Anonymous said...

No different from ACORN, they should loose all government funding from any and all participating governments.
∞ ≠ ø ☺

Canadian Sentinel said...

Long as the Left has its unacceptable level of power and influence, that won't happen.