Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Obamacrats Viciously Attack Black Tea Partiers

So if one is black and thinks for oneself and is a conservative or at least a Tea Party person, then one is an "Oreo" and an "Uncle Tom"?

Isn't it nice, the level of intelligent debate coming from the Obamacracy propaganda forces?

They're using race to divide the opposition.

Well, so what if the Tea Party happens to be "majority-white"?  I mean, like, just look at the demographics of America.  What, do the stupid Obamacrats expect the Tea Party to be "majority-black", instead, as if the majority of Americans were black?  See how stupid the Obamacrats are?

It's the Obamacrats who obsess over race, not the Tea Party folks.  It's the Obamacrats who are the racists, not the Tea Party folks.

Why are Obamacrats, the Big Media and the "Progressive" movement in general so intolerant towards blacks who dare to look closely at observable reality and use their own brains to come to their own conclusions vis-a-vis reality, conclusions which, it shouldn't come as any surprise, put them in agreement with millions who identify with the historic American Tea Party movement to take their country back from the clutches of the current lot of tyrants in Washington?

The horrific, frightening racism of Obama, the Democrats, the Big Media and the "Progressive" movement in general makes me sad.  I hope those racists are soon voted out of power and that the Big Media goes bankrupt as it so richly deserves to do so.  And that the "Progressive" movement takes a lesson-imposing slap to the face from reality (but "Progressives" don't normally learn lessons from experience, so not many will).


commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this. I LOVE your blog!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange??

Jen said...

The next will be Chinese to be attacked and so on.

Thank goodness for the FOXMEDIA; without them, not only the americans would be lost but canadians as well. God Bless them for taking the major responsibility to broadcast/inform american/canadians about the media lack of interest or respect for their countrymen whether americans or canadian.
Both American and Canadian national medias are dedicated in protecting liberals and progressives from the general public instead of protecting the amricans from them(lib and prog).

Canadian Sentinel said...

You're on, Common Cents. Your turn to link. :)

The Left will attack whatever minority group it deems convenient for its purposes and advantage, Jen.

No one is safe from being attacked by the Left.