Thursday, April 01, 2010

Democrats Lied About Tea Party Walkthrough

Only a crank is now going to believe that anyone uttered the "n-word" or the word "faggot" at a bunch of Democrat politicians who, obviously for a dishonest propaganda stunt, strolled through a large number of Tea Party demonstrators.

Kevin Jackson, who himself happens to be black, the author of a book exposing the reality of racism in the Democratic Party ("The Big Black Lie"), is demanding an apology from the lying Democrats for the Tea Party folks.

After all, there was a whole bunch of people recording, from various angles, video and audio, during the walkthrough.  See for yourself.  Hell, even Jesse Jackson, Jr. was recording it, and he got nothing, either!  Lack of proof is proof of Democratic lying!

And no one has offered any evidence to corroborate the incendiary accusations of the lying Democrats.

Funny how the Big Newsmedia, nevertheless, made a big stink, as if the allegations were proven.  But of course.  The Big Newsmedia is, without reasonable doubt on the part of the astute, long-time observer, nothing but a propaganda mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, which is why most people have moved from watching the old networks to watching FOX News.

Those nasty "progressives", they'll do anything to distract attention from their own faults and terrible content of character.  The way they imposed "ObamaCare", etc., the broken promises of "openness, transparency and bipartisanship" and all that great stuff... they want to try to change the channel by manufacturing fake threats and "hate" and so on and so forth.  They're just like Goebbels.

Is it any wonder the polls make it clear that, in future elections, the Democrats, and Obama, are electoral toast?

No more bullshitting The People.

Because now The People know the truth.  Those with minds of their own, who use them, that is.

And the Big Newsmedia is toast, too.  It continues its slide down the slippery slope of irrelevance and oblivion as more and more people turn away from it in droves to newer, alternative sources of hard facts and alternative points of view.  It's astonishing that they don't just get the message that The People really want "just the facts, please", and continue to deliver little more than lies.


the democrat deal said...


For more on Tea Party/Sarah Palin/GOP accountability for anti-government violence and racism:

Canadian Sentinel said...

Nice try, Demmy. LOL

Anonymous said...

The first line on the "raw deal" website is shown above the posted link... here is the second line:

The socio-political monster that is the Tea Party/Sarah Palin/Christianist movement must first rise for it to be slain.

So (in the terms of the leftist) this man is advocating the murder of Sarah Palin and members of the tea party movement. The flagrance of the double standard astounds.

The site depicts no Tea Party violence (there is none).
The term Christianist is fascinating. Through this, any Tea Party participant is labeled Christian and is therefore bad and must be slain.

Here's a fun line: "Climate change, for instance, is accepted as fact by nearly every element of the scientific community."

The climate does change. Now there's a stunning observation.

Well so much for that. I see this as another gratuitous comment and post from the left which is of no relevance or consequence to the topic at hand.

The progressive democrats were caught in a huge and racially divisive lie. The mass media fanned the flames of racism and intolerance without checking one fact because THEY ARE progressive democrats.

Jen said...

The so call media have noone to blame but themselves for their own downfall.

It is amazing to see how much FOX has of news videos tapes you name it of both the DEM and of Obama himself which the big media just refuses to reveal.

The American people should be very grateful for having the left and right media to choose from to make their own decision.
Canadians are not so lucky; they have to endure the daily ritual of manipulation, betrayal lies by the national media to the point some of us turn to FOX.
When FOX-Glenn and others criticize the main media for lying to the public Glenn(in my opinion)also speaks of our media.

CBC CTV GLOBAL CNN NBC ETC are althogher in the same boat.