Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Needs To Be Said Re "Palestinian" State

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What needs to be said is that it's wrong to demand that Israel accept a "Palestinian" state, as long as no demands are being made of "Palestine" to accept Israel as a state and as a Jewish state.

So I say forget about Israeli acceptance of a "Palestinian" state, and forget about Israel agreeing to the "two-state solution".

After all, they tried that for so, so, soooo long and even offered "Palestine" an offer they couldn't refuse, but did, and started their evil campaign of murdering innocent Israelis.

Who is the "international community"... and who is King Abdullah to make the demands they're making? Gimme a break. I'm not falling for this pure, unadulterated, historically-ignorant, reality-ignorant BULLSHIT.

Let's disarm (or wipe out, if she makes it necessary) Iran. Let's stop all of the Big Lies, hatred and violence being propagated perpetrated by "Palestine".

THEN we talk.

NOT before.

I stand with Israel 100% of the way because Israel represents all that is just and good in the world, whereas "Palestine" represents the total opposite.