Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trump: Obama SSM Position Identical To Prejean's

That's right, all you politically-correct, "gay-marriage-positive" Leftists who worship Obama.

"It's the same answer the president of the United States gave; it's the same answer many people gave," Trump said. "She gave an honorable answer; she gave an answer from her heart."


After Trump spoke, the 21-year-old Prejean, who was accompanied by her parents, took her turn at the lectern, defending herself against what she described as vicious attacks.

She talked about getting thousands of letters and e-mails from people supporting her and said, about the marriage question, that Hilton had asked her a "politically charged question with a hidden personal agenda."

"I stated my honest belief," she said.

Do "gays" hate people who state their honest beliefs, or is it just "Perez Hilton" who has that mental disorder problem?

I don't hear any comment from the "gay" community on "Perez Hilton"'s behavior. I hear no condemnation of his hatefully-bigoted attitude coming from the "gays".

Obama is against "gay" marriage. Just like Miss California is.

Hey, why doesn't the Big Media ask the infantile "gay" bigot Perez Hilton what he thinks about Obama, too? Would he call Obama a "cunt", too? Does he draw pictures of penises stuck in Obama's mouth, too?

Come on! Ask Perez what he thinks of the homo-hating Obama!

Come on! Why don't the "gays" say that Obama is a "hateful bigot"? He won't let 'em get "married"!

Oh, right... I forgot. They can't, or won't, say such things about someone with a better "tan" than they've got. Hell, Obama could be a serial chainsaw murderer, and they'd still bite their tongues, 'cause he's got a better "tan" than they! Plus, he's a Left-Wing Extremist who's imposing all kinds of Left-Wing Extremism onto America, so they may figure, well, he's Leftist-Extreme enough, so maybe it's ok that he doesn't like the "gays"...

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