Friday, May 01, 2009

More TV Viewers Ignoring Obama Blab Hour

Looks like millions of Americans have lost interest in what Obama has to say, apparently deciding it's not worth bothering to waste time waiting and hoping for him to say something of substance that they'll give a crap about.

The ratings for his latest irrelevant, pointless "me, me, me" blabber session have sunken again.

As many folks watched a show called "Lie to Me" as watched B.O. read stuff off a teleprompter.

Indeed, Obama's a polarizing figure... there's equal numbers of folks who like to be lied to in real life, right there in their own living room, and of folks who prefer to watch made-up stories about liars.

Next time around, there'll be more folks preferring made-up stories about liars and tuning out the real-life one.