Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Majority: 'Diversity' Not Needed In Appointing Judges

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About two thirds of those surveyed in a new Gallup Poll said it doesn’t matter to them whether Obama appoints a woman, African-American or Hispanic to the U.S Supreme Court, according to a report in CQ Politics.

Who cares about the gender, race or whatever of Supreme Court judges? Apparently, hardly anyone!

What's important is that all judges stick to the facts, evidence, the law and the Constitution and go no further, not for any reason whatsoever!

Unfortunately, far too many judges happen to be, undeniably, Left-Wing Extremists who practice judicial activism, illegally, unconstitutionally making laws or striking them down when unsupported by the Constitution in doing so.

The courts of the Free World, thanks to judges being appointed for being Left-Wing Extremist activists by Left-Wing Extremist activist politicians, are beginning to resemble the Canadian Human Rights Commissions, which are nothing but fascist, Left-Wing Extremist kangaroo court star chambers of persecution against a limited number of groups for daring to be politically incorrect.