Friday, May 15, 2009

Insider, Dying-Declaration New Book Delivers Devastating Blow To Chinese Communist Party

What's up with the inverted pentagram which signifies Satan?
See also the Satan-resembling figure below the Chinese characters?
Draw your own conclusions.

here. And here.

Buy the book! Help destroy the Chinese Communist Party, a latter-day Nazi Party who imprisons, oppresses, tyrannizes and tortures over a billion Chinese.

Prisoner of the State

CCP propaganda minion Charles Liu/Bobby Fletcher/George Ryerson/whatever else he calls himself will have his hands full with this one. I don't expect him to come back here on my site, though, as he knows that I know his affiliation and doesn't want to further expose himself.

"On the night of June 3rd, while sitting in the courtyard with my family, I heard intense gunfire. A tragedy to shock the world had not been averted, and was happening after all ... "

"First, it was determined then that the student movement was a planned conspiracy of anti-Party, anti-socialist elements with leadership. So now we must ask, who were these leaders? What was the plan? What was the conspiracy? What evidence exists to support this? It was also said that there were black hands within the Party. Then who were they?"

"Second, it was said that this event was aimed at overthrowing the People's Republic and the Communist Party. Where is the evidence? I had said at the time that most people were only asking us to correct our flaws, not attempting to overthrow our political system."


"If we don't move toward this goal, it will be impossible to resolve the abnormal conditions in China's market economy: issues such as an unhealthy market, profiting from power, rampant social corruption and a widening gap between rich and poor. Nor will the rule of law ever materialise."

"If the final destination is a parliamentary democracy, the ruling Party must achieve two breakthroughs. One is to allow other political parties and a free press to exist. This can happen gradually, but it must be pursued. The second breakthrough is having democracy within the Party: that is, the Party needs to adopt democratic procedures and use democratic means to reform itself ... Different opinions must be allowed to exist, and different factions should be made legitimate."
If the Chinese Communist Party refuses to reform, then that is its undoing.

The CCP cannot survive. It doesn't matter how many dissenters they torture and murder, for they can only get rid of a very, very, insignificantly tiny, number of dissenters, the ranks of whom are growing daily and include dozens of millions of CCP defectors.

The Great Undoing is imminent.