Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garofalo Makes You Gag Again

The moonbat herself. Doesn't she ever wash her face? Doesn't she ever wash, period?
I swear I can smell her armpits through the screen! And every other bodypart.
Why don't those wacko neo-Communist lunatics ever wash?!

"They're ALL racist", Janeane Garofalo claims of the one million American patriots who protested the fascistic Soros-Obama Regime.

I guess Janeane is a huge, huge fan of neo-Communist fascism, oppression and tryanny, to be defaming a million American patriots like this.


Here she gets in your face. It's not a pretty sight. I swear I can smell her breath through the screen, and it's not pretty, either.

You know, the only people who take this malodorous little hag seriously are Left-Wing Extremists like herself. Who don't wash, either.

Sheesh! Where does this freaking lunatic get off? Oh, never mind... I just had a big dinner, and I really don't need to visualize this little potato on sneakers "loving herself"...

She thinks she's funny.

But she's just another narcississt who absolutely requires the spotlight as if addicted to it like a drug. Much like her fuhrer, Obama. She must go, when she sees him, "Heil, heil Obama!"

Oh, and to conclude, you know, Janeane Garofalo isn't just a homely little hag. She's also a racist. A hater. A fascist. A Nazi. She goosesteps and raises her arms for aerobic exercise.

She's a bag of barf.
Chunky barf.

And I do not apologize. Either.

So there. Now I feel better. Pretty much like the little potato does when she goes around calling patriotic Americans racists and making cracks about "white power", despite the fact that definitely not all patriotic Americans are "white".

Idiot. Get washed; take a frigging shower already. Get a life. Get a man. Get laid. Already!