Thursday, May 14, 2009

Continuing To Look At Scandalous Dhalla: New, Devastating Testimony Today

Ruby Dhalla, above. Of course, how can I not continue to look at her?
Yes, she is a scandalous Liberal, accused of being a slavemaster and all, but...

Story here.

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Gotta keep on probing... because there's a lot more to the story than meets the eye!

New, explosive testimony due today from witness who says Dhalla was breaking the law. And who told Dhalla so.

Emphasis mine.

Agatha Mason, executive director of a caregiver-advocacy group called Intercede, has told the Star she has phone records to back up her claim that she contacted Dhalla about withholding the documents of Richelyne Tongson, one of the former caregivers who has alleged mistreatment while working for the Liberal MP.


Mason said she called Dhalla in Ottawa a year ago after Tongson, who was working as a caregiver in the Dhalla home, was having trouble getting her documents back from her employers.

Mason also said she told Dhalla that Tongson shouldn't be working at the MP's home because the family did not have federal approval under the Live-In Caregiver Program.

"I remember telling her that, until you have an LMO (government approval documents) the person is working illegally, so you're breaking the law," Mason told the Star.

It doesn't get more fascinating than this... beautiful women politicians caught up in scandal.

And Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, pictured below, being unable to stay away from her, continuing to "stand with her" and stuff...

Why is he supporting this scandal-radiating figure? Doesn't he realize about the certain political fallout?

Guess he can't help himself. All the blood has apparently been diverted from his brain to, well, somewhere else. Somebody get a cold-water hose...