Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Labor Asserts Conservative Lying, Bullies Media Outlets Over Ads

Ah... more paranoid Leftists claiming conspiracy is afoot.

“The advertisement further deceives viewers by blatantly misrepresenting the positions of two physicians,” the SEIU states in a letter to stations airing the ads. “While the advertisement paints both as opponents of any role for government in health care reform, in reality, just the opposite is true.”

But Scott said the Conservatives for Patients' Rights ad never suggested the doctors did oppose government health-care -- it portrayed the comments only as being those of British and Canadian doctors and patients discussing, in their own words, their experience with government-run health-care systems.

Scott said his ad does not oppose “any role for government,” but does say any proposed reform which would give government control over health care decisions– “the first step,” he said, “towards socialized medicine.”

In the group's latest ad, Scott said, CPR had outlined the group’s four principles of “choice, accountability, competition, and personal responsibility,” saying Congress should keep those principles in mind as it considers health-care reform.

I, from personal experience, know all too well that purely-socialized, state-run medical systems are, to put it bluntly... DEADLY. They simply cannot save many lives that would otherwise be saved if there was a balanced, synergistic, responsive, complementary public-private hybrid system, the likes of which I'm aware exist in some European countries (I saw a report a few years back on Global TV about that, and I'm astonished at how much superior for everyone these hybrid systems actually are. Imagine going to a hospital ER and finding doctors literally waiting for you!).

It's clear that the Obama Regime wants to transform American health care into the likes of which is only seen in three countries in the world today: Canada, North Korea and Cuba.

And, let me tell you, my American friends, it's literally a matter of life and death that you make sure that the Obama Regime does NOT do that. You cannot allow it to commit murder via ideological extremism. You must stop the Obama Regime to save innocent lives.


I don't get why Big Labor thinks it needs to be complaining.

Look, the Big ObaMedia, they tell it like Obama tells it on healthcare.

It’s been a recurring media theme since President Obama was elected – tell a news story the way he told it in a speech or press conference and then ignore the critics.

That’s exactly what the networks did in health care reform stories May 11 and 12, immediately before and after Obama’s mid-day speech on May 11. Out of eight segments and two news briefs only one included a critic. One other segment included brief footage of a commercial opposing government-run health insurance.

So I'd say that they don't have to worry about there not being an imbalance in favor of the other guys. So they can quit whining!

If anything, the Big ObaMedia needs to have a "Fairness Doctrine" imposed on it! It's ridiculous to claim that conservative media needs to have it imposed on them, because, hey, the ObaMedia isn't fair and balanced in its own coverage, so, hey, both sides are about even, and even is far, so what the hell imperative is there for a so-called "Fairness Doctrine", other than to dilute and render ineffective the conservative media's message and dissent?