Monday, March 01, 2010

Soros Delusional, Claims US 'Not In Recession Under Obama'

 Picture him in an SS officer's uniform, and that face won't look out of place!

One must wonder whether senility, or just the continuance of his pure evil, has set in for the billionaire ex-Nazi collaborator and de-facto Leader of the Hard Left.

Soros admitted he wanted the banks to be national-socialized, but is pissed that Obama didn't do what he wanted, insanely calling Obama's disobedience of his puppetmaster "un-American".  Guess Old Georgie won't be "cashing in" on national socialism as far as the banks are concerned.  Oh, well, he must figure, too bad.  At least he's still filthy rich and influential and can find other stuff to profiteer on, to hell with the consequences for others (reminiscent of his days working as a Nazi collaborator).

Guess that means that Soros's influence and power only go so far, then.  Oh, yes, he's got plenty, owing to his ability to use his vast fortune to influence all kinds of things via propaganda and intimidation, but, unluckily for him, there's nothing he can do to directly force Obama's hand...

...unless Soros is bullshitting us again, just to make us think that he doesn't control the POTUS?
“He is paying a very heavy price for actually saving the country from going into a very deep recession or a depression, because people don’t — haven’t experienced it,” Soros said.

Huh?  Is he loony tunes?  No recession?  Nobody experienced it?  What a Hard-Leftwingnutcase!  Of course, he didn't experience it, Mr. Moneybags, so how would he know what Mainstream Americana has been experiencing?  Talk about being out of touch!

Soros also approves of Obama's new dictatorial attitude towards imposing Obamacare, which only a fringe element of Americana wants (about 25%).  Soros approves of this undemocratic imposition.  Big surprise.  Not.  For someone who approved of, plus, unrepentantly-to-this-very-day aided and abetted, the Nazis...

Funny how Obama never, ever said anything critical of Soros, isn't it?  What, is he unable to dare to do so, like he dares to do so to "the other guys"?  Oh, well, it's clear that Soros is on Obama's side, and Obama, Soros.  The connection to this scary, lunatic extremist and former Nazi collaborator Soros, on the part of Obama... is undeniable, and Obama doesn't even try to deny it...

One.  Big.  Ass.  Mistake.  America.

I warned against voting for the Communist Man-Child...  Too bad the bedazzled-by-the-bullshit voters didn't check him out more carefully themselves before die Katze im Sack kaufen, as Soros's former bosses/mentors would put it...

Perhaps Mr. Soros thought he was getting a pig and has discovered he got a cat instead, too...  If so, then...  and then...  Oh, yeah, Old Georgie Peorgie Pig In Da Pokie... your time will come to burn... somewhere waaaaay down below.  At least you'll finally get to meet your Fuehrer!

...and George Soros called Bush all sorts of nasty stuff?!  Well, like, look who's talking, eh!  Typical psychiatric projection by a "progressive", eh!

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Anonymous said...

Every time I read up on Soros I find myself amazed that he is alive. He must have financial detonators set in the event that he meets with an untimely death.

He's like Kennedy in that there are enough people who really want him dead to make it impossible to finger the culprit without decent physical evidence.

Yet he's still with us selling short the lives of millions of children. In many ways he's still handing out slips. What a disgusting creature.