Tuesday, February 26, 2008

European Nations Worried About Jobs In Face of Climato-Fascism Movement

Story here. Emphasis mine.

BRUSSELS—Brussels risks sacrificing European jobs with its plans to cut industrial greenhouse gas emissions, the euro zone's big two economies France and Germany said on Monday.

Europe should lead by example but must not "change the competitiveness of our economy and our companies" by adopting tougher pollution measures than in other parts of the world," said Herve Novelli, France's junior minister for industry.

This is the same basic position as Canada has. It makes sense: Why shoot ourselves in the foot with this crap while China under the horrible Communists doesn't have to do the same? It's nothing less than a recipe for the economic destruction of the Free World! With no real guarantee that doing so will prevent any climate change whatsoever!

Are you willing to lose your job just because some greedy extremists tell you that doing so will "save the planet"? Not me.

Here's an interesting French idea:

France wants the Commission to introduce what would serve as a "carbon tax" against imports from countries that do not agree to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

Hmm... how about a carbon tax on Chinese imports, then? Surely the Left can sign onto this idea?

Let me tell you: The world won't sacrifice the almighty buck at the altar of Climato-Fascist ideological dogma. Not going to happen. Just watch virtually nothing happen but talk, talk, talk. Even Al Gore won't change the way he lives. Nor will David Suzuki.