Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Call to Ban CAIR


It cannot be said often enough. I've said it before and will again: CAIR is not a force for good, nor for peace, nor equality. It is not simply an organization that stands up for Muslims. It is far more... and very dangerous.

I'll excerpt some points from the article thusly:

They are the Klan without robes, Nazis without the swastika. Yet they’re being treated like a legitimate, viable social organization. These operatives are the consummate duplicitous villains who are intent on destroying us – and the bottom line is that Americans need to wake up.

This dangerous enemy of the United States must be neutralized via revocation of its nonprofit status, its officers charged with treason and jailed. It is for this reason and a host of others that Americans need to become aware of how desperately in need of a housecleaning our Congress is, and mobilize to that end.

CAIR’s Chairman has stated that they plan to take over the world. What more do we need? Let’s stop legitimizing CAIR’s talking heads when they are showcased by America-haters in the press; they’re simply using the tried-and-true tactics of race-baiting and whining victimhood that have worked so well for other American activists.

By the way, don't forget that they have a Canadian chapter, too. The CAIR-Can. Same organization. Make no mistake: these guys are Islamic supremacists who support terrorism. The victimhood act is just a cover, and an effective one, in this age of political correctness run amok and which is paralyzing our ability to maintain national security.

There is no doubt that the CAIR is illegal due to its support for terrorism. Why hasn't it been banned as a terrorist organization?