Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Orleans Mayor Quarantined In China

Ray Nagin, New Orleans Mayor

Story here.

The mayor and his group traveled Friday on an economic development trip. They were informed that another person on the flight was confirmed to have "signs and symptoms of an influenza-like illness suspected to be of the H1N1 subtype," a statement from Ceeon D. Quiett, Nagin's director of communications, said.

The passenger, who was not identified, is being treated.

As a precaution, the mayor, Seletha Nagin and an unnamed member of the Mayor's Executive Protection Unit have been placed in a designated quarantine location in Shanghai, Quiett said.

They are symptom-free and are "being treated with utmost courtesy by Chinese officials," she said.

Kind of like when 007 visited Dr. No, isn't it? Comfortable quarters, polite, courteous minions escorting Bond and Honey Rider around, plus drinks!

But still, Dr. No was psychotically, monstrously evil, despite being quite cultured, sophisticated, urbane, nuanced...

Just like the Chinese Communist Party.