Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CBS Faces Calls For Letterman's Termination For Slur

Looks like folks want CBS to be consistent and do to David Letterman what they did to Don Imus, who was fired for infamously uttering the slur "nappy-headed hos".

Already a major advertiser has pulled its ads from the show.

New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb — also a supporter of the online group — is calling on CBS to issue a statement on Letterman's "offensive" joke.

Kolb said he wrote a letter Friday to CBS president and chief executive officer Leslie Moonves asking to know what CBS's "decency standards" are.

"Women across this country would like to know that answer," Kolb said. "If this was another company and he said this to one of its employees, he'd be fired."

Looks like, in the future, Leftists who dare to utter intolerance and hatred towards Sarah Palin and/or her family may face similar consequences...

It's time to hold Leftists accountable for the hatred they spew for any purposes, including harming the image of conservative politicians in the eyes of voters with legally prohibited hateful slurs, rumors, innuendo and defamation.

The double standard must end now!

Leftists should be required to be fearful of consequences should they go too far, just as are conservatives.