Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ban The Burkha: UK Muslim Woman

Saira Khan
Saira Khan

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In the predominantly Muslim enclaves of Derby near my childhood home, you now see women hidden behind the full-length robe, their faces completely shielded from view. In London, I see an increasing number of young girls, aged four and five, being made to wear the hijab to school.

Shockingly, the Dickensian bone disease rickets has reemerged in the British Muslim community because women are not getting enough vital vitamin D from sunlight because they are being consigned to life under a shroud.

Thanks to fundamentalist Muslims and 'hate' preachers working in Britain, the veiling of women is suddenly all-pervasive and promoted as a basic religious right. We are led to believe that we must live with this in the name of 'tolerance'.

And yet, as a British Muslim woman, I abhor the practice and am calling on the Government to follow the lead of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and ban the burkha in our country.

The veil is simply a tool of oppression which is being used to alienate and control women under the guise of religious freedom.

She also points out that the Koran doesn't say anything about having to wear a burkha.

I'd also like to see the Kaffiyeh (that stupid big-dishtowel-like thing Yasser Arafat wore on his head which is now popularly worn by far-left anti-Israel bigots) banned. It's a symbol of Islamic-supremacist/dhimmi anti-Semitism as far as I'm concerned.