Monday, June 29, 2009

Montreal Gazette: 'Human Rights' Commissions Threaten Rights, Freedoms

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ht: NNW

The Canadian Human Rights Commission appears to have learned little from its adventures of the last few years. In its latest report to Parliament it stubbornly defends its authority to police the Internet - or any other electronic medium - for opinions that are "likely to" expose people to hatred or contempt.

This is, as we have said previously in this space, an unacceptable assault on free speech.

With frightening eagerness to rein in Canadians' free expression, the commission finds the authority to restrict honest opinion in Section 13 of the Human Rights Act, a notoriously vague bit of legal writing that forbids transmissions "likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt." The subjective power of that "likely to" makes everyone vulnerable to bureaucratic whim, malice, or distemper.


(...) far better for Parliament simply to repeal Section 13, and leave the question of hate speech to the criminal courts where it belongs - if it belongs anywhere. If a citizen's liberties are to be threatened, that citizen deserves the full protection of the law.

I'd go further. Get rid of those worthless, wastefully expensive, arrogant, stupid, fascist kangaroo courts which are run by brainwashed, ideologically extreme, foolish idiots.

We're massively in deficit now. Getting rid of that colossal waste of tax dollars is one way to help eliminate the deficit, which the Left forced, via blackmail, the government to run up.