Sunday, June 21, 2009

70,000 Chinese Protest Suspicious Death

Shishou City
Shishou City, Hubei

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Odd that the world will watch the massive protests in Iran over a bogus election, but they ignore a 70,000-strong protest by Chinese citizens against the unelected, corrupt, torurous and murderous Communist regime.

Odd also that Obama's not telling the Chinese Communists to stop mistreating the People, to be aware that the world is watching (ok, that part isn't true, obviously, as the Old Media is pretending it's not happening in China, too, a fascinating double standard obviously motivated by greed).

The mysterious cause of the death of a young man who fell from the third floor of a hotel in China’s Hubei province on Wednesday has prompted as many as 70,000 people to attempt to bar the police from taking the young man’s body away.

Local authorities have mobilized thousands of riot police to cope with the chaos. The public’s reaction appears to have been sparked by outrage at what is believed to be a case of corruption, torture, and murder.

Corruption, torture and murder are the name of the game for the Communists of China; par for the course. Just like with the Islamists in Iran. So why only pay attention to Iran? Well, obviously there's a lot more money to be made doing business with the corrupt, torturous and murderous Communists, so, obviously the Old Media and Old-line politicians of the Western World will look the other way.

According to China’s bloggers, those who witnessed the fall of the man and reported it to the police said they did not see any blood stain on the ground where the body landed. Instead, they found blood clots around the deceased’s mouth, nose, and ears. The lower part of body showed signs of severe torture, they said.

Relatives of the deceased have reportedly tried to contact the owner of the hotel in vain. It is said that on June 18, they were finally promised RMB 35,000 (c. US$ 5,200) as compensation on condition that they confirm suicide as the cause of death; otherwise, the body would be forcibly taken away that evening for cremation.

Obviously the Chinese People don't trust the government. Increasingly, they'd rather die than submit to those bastards. And this means that, for the Communists, the end is indeed imminent. The day when the People valorously take up arms against the domestic-enemy state apparatus and the tyrannical Communist Party is coming, no doubt.

When it happens, I'll issue a post to say, "I told y'all so. Why didn't the Old Media pay attention to the things they knew are happening? How could they not see it coming?".

Apparently, the authorities are increasingly becoming unable to control the People, who are now amassing to overwhelm state resources and manpower.