Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prejean Was Fired By Extremist 'Gay' Head Of Miss USA Pageant

Story here.

In an interview with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, he said the head of the Miss California USA pageant is an open homosexual who does not approve of Prejean's opposition to same-sex marriage – and that is the real reason he terminated her contract.


"He's an openly gay man who did actually produce a movie in support of same-sex marriage. Since you're asking me, I am telling you: He's an ideologue, and he's not going to tolerate someone with that viewpoint wearing a crown and sash. That's what you see happening here."


Prejean claims Lewis requested that she make numerous inappropriate appearances, including posing for Playboy and attending a homosexual movie premiere against her wishes.

"He actually said he wanted me to wear a hat and go in disguise and attend this movie premiere promoting gay marriage and then come out with a statement the next day saying that Carrie Prejean attended a gay movie premiere," she told Larry King. "It just doesn't seem right …"

Her attorney added, "When she declined that, he wrote her off."

Apparently the Miss USA Pageant is corrupt, run by radical extremist militants with the agenda of using Miss USA to promote their special ideology.

Like I said, the Hard Left has taken over pretty much everything...

In fact, I'm reminded of Obama's recent firing of an Inspector-General for daring to investigate a friend and crony of the President for corruption. Obama merely accused the guy of being "dazed and confused" to justify his firing.

Perhaps we'll be seeing a pattern in which Left-Wing Extremist Militants like the Miss USA caporegime and Obama firing people for whatever reason they pick out of a hat...