Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Way! Really? Liberals Soft On Crime?!

No kidding!

ht: NNW

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson accused the Liberals of being soft on crime, saying the Senate is stalling legislation needed to protect Canadians.

"Liberal softness on crime is demonstrated again and again by gutting our crime legislation, tying it up in red tape and playing procedural games so that it never becomes law," Nicholson said.

The Liberal majority in the Senate, however, says it won't simply rubber stamp legislation and the Conservatives themselves are responsible for many of the delays.

There the Liberals go yet again, wrongly blaming the Conservatives for the actions of the Liberals themselves.

Does anyone recall a single fecking time during the thirteen-year Chretien-Martin Regime in which the Liberal-dominated Senate didn't automatically rubber-stamp whatever legislation was dumped onto their table?

And now for my commentary on Liberals being soft on crime...