Saturday, June 13, 2009

Signs of Regression Under Obama Regime

Things are really getting bad in America.

Just a couple of things I saw via Drudge today...

20 Michigan Counties Revert to Gravel Roads, No Longer Paved

Obama Regime Considering Bulldozing Poorer Cities

Does all this sound "progressive" to you?

Only in the minds of Leftists does it seem "progressive".

Is this destruction and despair the kind of change for which Americans audaciously hoped?

Meanwhile, back in Washington, Obama is appointing some big cash donors of his as ambassadors... Yep, they bought themselves cool jobs...

And is it any coincidence that Obama has been caught with the following reading material?

Is there any question as to from the likes of whom Obama's getting his big ideas? Above is Obama with socialist-dictator mentor Hugo Chavez.

Below: Destructive tyrant Robert Mugabe and the destructive tyrant Barack Obama.

Robert Mugabebarack-obama-fascist.jpg