Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Politically Courageous Declaration

The best way to raise a child is for one parent to stay home and raise the child and another to work to support the family.


Of course. It's the BEST way.

In fact, can there be any doubt that the breakdown of the traditional family structure in the Western World has been the cause of pretty much all social problems, including poverty?

What else could be the cause? What better way to a healthy society other than by encouraging as much as possible the traditional family structure, which wise folks know is best.

The more prevalent the traditional family structure within society, relative to "alternative" structures, the better off the society will be overall. It doesn't take a study to prove this; it's self-apparent. After all, traditional biological families are most likely to take care of one another within the family and to stick together through good times and bad. No doubt about it.

Of course, accidents and tragedies do happen and sometimes a family ends up less-than-traditional for a reason beyond the control of the family members. But this fact doesn't mean that "alternative" family structures should be promoted and encouraged as a desirable, "equal" "choice". For, to promote the less-likely-to-succeed non-traditional family structures isn't in the interests of society as a whole.

I recommend reading Ann Coulter's new book "Guilty". She makes the case quite well with hard evidence that single parent families are the prime cause of the social problems we see today.

Myself? Raised by my stay-at-home mom while my dad worked. And if I could start over again, I certainly wouldn't choose any other form of family.

Of course, the dad can stay at home while the mom works, no problem. Like with Sarah Palin's family if she becomes President...

I would recommend that we promote and encourage the traditional family structure again as the best way to go. "Progressiveness" has only proven to have a negative effect on society, as it promoted non-traditional family structures as "desirable" and "progressive", and incorrectly so.